The Strange will soon offer a longer-term project-development program focused on nourishing the evolution of futuristic ideas and their creative manifestations. Decelerator participants should already have a long-term creative project underway, and must have a clear list of outcomes or challenges they'd like to focus on—through further research, ideation, and strategic development—over the course of the program. Participants must also be willing to share some element of the progress they make during the program through documentation, information sharing, and a general philosophy of openness/generosity. 

We are currently in the Beta period of establishing The Strange's Decelerator program, and plan to open applications in the spring of 2019. To be notified when the application period opens, sign up for our newsletter.

Also, thank you to Taeyoon Choi for the 'Decelerator' name idea.  


Reading materials (and hand) of researcher and artist Caroline Sinders, as she works on a project in the Studio House.