We're excited for creative people with computer-based practices to come write, research, and make progress towards their larger vision at Strange HQ. Whether you're looking to escape to or from the internet, The Strange is a magical place where it's actually relaxing to spend time working, planning, and otherwise laptopping.

In April and May of 2019, we will offer our inaugural Decelerator program, with flexible, free-of-cost retreats available by application. We also offer affordable retreats and self-directed residencies for individuals and collaborative groups looking to stay in a beautifulal, creative, and internet-infused space:


• Stay in one of our comfortable, light-filled private guest houses (either Studio House or Lily Cabin—more on our spaces here)

• Access the shared workspace in the Strange Barn during the day (10am–6pm, pending availability)


• Work, meet, collaborate, unwind, and sleep in the large, light-filled Strange Barn (the barn sleeping loft is best suited for small collaborative groups—more on our spaces here)

• Reserve Studio House and/or Lily Cabin for added space

To check availability and learn more about setting up a retreat for yourself or a group of collaborators, email us: [email protected]


Caroline Sinders, a past Strange HQ resident, works on an essay and a long-term research project inside the Studio House.


Teachers from the School for Poetic Computation pose by the pond after a group retreat at Strange HQ in the fall of 2018.